Syllabus and oral notification of Campus Carry policy

Banning guns from offices: 

Faculty and staff with single occupant offices, can ban concealed carry in their office, but only by oral notification. This can be done by an announcement on the first day of class. Some, at the suggestion of the University, will have students signs a statement indicating they have received this oral notification.

Acknowledgement of Oral Notice Prohibiting Concealed Handguns

From the Campus Carry FAQs for Faculty:

You may orally notify students in your class or learning environment in a variety of ways. For example, you can make an announcement on the first day of class. If any students are not present for that class, or if you have students who join the class later, you must provide the same notice to them.

Given the movement of students in and out of classes during the first few weeks, you may wish to have your students sign a statement that acknowledges that they have received oral notification of your desire to ban guns in your office.


The UT policy regarding campus carry states that UT faculty members do not have authority to ban handguns from their classrooms. However, any handguns must be completely concealed at all times; and LTC holders who carry a concealed handgun must carry it on or about their persons at all times. Some faculty members have put language in their syllabi regarding weapons in their classrooms. Some examples appear below.

Some classes, after extensive discussion and secret ballot, are signing a ‘Gun-Free Classroom Pledge’, and example is below.

Please note that these have not been legally vetted and are presented as examples only. Use your own discretion and seek legal counsel if necessary.

Syllabus Example 1
Syllabus Example 2

Gun-Free classroom pledge

Some resources from UT

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