School of Social Work Statement on Campus Carry

We, the undersigned faculty and staff of the UT Austin School of Social Work, strongly oppose guns on campus. Social work is a field committed to social justice and to the health and wellbeing
of individuals, families, and communities. We work tirelessly to prevent violence and trauma, and all forms of oppression. As social scientists, we base our recommendations and interventions on rigorous scientific evidence. Research evidence is conclusive that concealed weapons do not reduce crime or violence. In fact, access to firearms increases the risk of violence and tragedies. We believe that permitting concealed weapons on campus will only create fear, intimidation, panic and harm. And because violence and intimidation are tools of social control, we stand in solidarity with other groups on our campus who are impacted disproportionately by violence including communities of color, women, individuals living with
disabilities and members of the LGBTQIA community. Accordingly, we join with our esteemed colleagues in other disciplines on campus and with the scientific community at large in strongly opposing the presence of guns on the UT campus.

Luis Zayas, Professor and Dean
Barbara Jones, Professor and Assistant Dean for Health Affairs
Monica Faulkner, Research Associate Professor
Margaret Bassett, Director of Expert Witness Programs, Adjunct Faculty
Tina Adkins, Research Associate
Sarah Swords, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sarah Sloan, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sherry Melecki, Graduate Program Coordinator II
Yolanda C. Padilla, Professor
Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Assistant Professor
Yessenia Castro, Assistant Professor
Tanya Voss, Clinical Associate Professor
Calvin L. Streeter, Professor
Namkee G. Choi, Professor
Lauren E. Gulbas, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth B. Nowicki, Director, Professional Development
Nicole S. Magee, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
James F. Green, Program Coordinator
Carol M. Lewis, Associate Director, OADR
Jane A. Kretzschmar, Clinical Professor and Assistant Dean
Jim Schwab, Professor
Julie Cunniff
Laurie Cook Heffron
Kirk von Sternberg, Associate Professor
Yuri Jang, Associate Professor
Michele Murphy-Smith, Research Associate
Kristen Carrillo-Kappus, Research Associate
Susan De Luca, Assistant Professor
Dede L. Sparks, LMSW, Clinical Assistant Professor
Esther J. Calzada, Associate Professor
Ahmed Whitt
Marian Mahaffey, Graduate Program Coordinator II
Lana Pettit
Mary Mulvaney, Clinical Professor
Catherine Cubbin, Associate Professor
Marilyn Armour, Professor
Farya Phillips, Research Fellow
Diane McDaniel Rhodes, Lecturer
Monica Rosario, Field Education Associate
Cossy Hough, Clinical Assistant Professor
Beth Gerlach, Research Associate
Alexis D. George, Associate Academic Advisor – Undergraduate Social Work Programs
Diana DiNitto, Professor
Cecilia A. Dean, Grants and Contracts Specialist
Valerie S. Gaimon
Vicki Packheiser, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Clinical Associate Professor
Mary S. Cook, Research Associate III
Mitch Sudolsky, Clinical Professor
Michele Rountree, Associate Professor
Caitlin Sulley, Research Project Director
Kathleen Hill, Director of Research Operations
Molly Lopez, Research Associate Professor
Stephanie Frogge, Institute of Restorative Justice & Restorative Dialogue
Kelly Vences, Telehealth Treatment Project
Lizet Villagrana, Accountant
Terrence T. Allen, Assistant Professor
Mary Lynn Marinucci, Project Manager, Telehealth Treatment Project
Miguel Ferguson
Ramon R. Gomez
Laura Turner Wells, Development Director
Kathy Armenta, Clinical Professor
Lori Holleran Steiker, Associate Professor
Chris Johnson, Director Child Welfare Education Collaboration
Maya Caamano, Telehealth Treatment Project
Jennifer Luna-Idunate, Director of Career Services and Alumni Relations
Andrea Montgomery, Director of Admissions
Julieta Caamano, Telehealth Treatment Project
Elizabeth C Pomeroy, Professor
Thomas M. Bohman, Research Scientist
Bonnie Evans, Research Associate
Barbara Anderson, Clinical Professor
Sungsoo Kim, Research Assistant
Andrea Campetella, Director of Communications
Stacey Stevens Manser, Research Scientist
Noel Busch-Armendariz, Associate Dean for Research and Professor
Jennifer Conrad-Graham, CWEC Student Program Coordinator
David W. Springer, Professor
Shannon Mann-Butler, Senior Program Coordinator
Laura Marra, Senior Research Coordinator
Deidi Olaya, research project director
Mary M. Velasquez, Professor and Director, Health Behavior Research Institute
E. Suzanne Ewing, Admin. Asst.

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