Department of Kinesiology & Health Education Faculty

Statement on Pending Campus Carry Law
October 28, 2015

As members of the department of Kinesiology and Health Education we strive to improve the health of our nation via research, teaching, and community engagement. Gun violence is a public health issue. We therefore feel it is important to comment on the implementation of SB11, the campus carry legislation allowing concealed handgun license holders to bring guns into our officers, classrooms, and other campus buildings. Evidence overwhelmingly indicates that more guns lead to more gun deaths and do not lead to reduced crime rates. As educators, we strive to build an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas, particularly in our classrooms and offices. We believe that the potential of guns in these spaces will hamper open dialogue and stifle the learning process. As professionals devoted to improving the health of individuals and of the nation, we feel we must start at home by advocating for the health and well-being of our students and colleagues by opposing campus carry.

Lawrence D. Abraham,  Professor
John Bartholomew, Professor & Chair, Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long Endowed Faculty Fellow
Matt Bowers, Clinical Assistant Professor
Pamela Buchanan ,Lecturer
Jessica Duncan Cance, Assistant Professor
Darla Castelli, Professor & Graduate Advisor
Edward F. Coyle, Professor
Jon Dingwel,l Professor
Michelle Harrison, Lecturer
Carole K. Holahan, Professor
Jody L Jensen, Professor
Dolly Lambdin, Clinical Professor
Lara Latimer, Lecturer
Alexandra Loukas, Professor, Barbie M. and Gary L. Coleman Professor in Education
Julie Maslowsky, Assistant Professor
Campbell Miller, Specialist
Tolga Ozyurtcu, Clinical Professor
Keryn Pasch ,Associate Professor
Tere Ramirez, Lecturer
Darla Smith, Clinical Professor
Waneen Spirduso, Professor Emeritus
Audrey Stone, Assistant Professor
Janice Todd, Professsor

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