UT alum and former University President issues statement on campus carry

Bruce Grube, PhD from the Government Department at UT, issued the following statement:

Having served as the president of two universities as well as being a UT Austin alumnus, I am more than familiar with the campus environment. Any law that permits firearms on a university campus can only be the consequence of the most profound ignorance, coupled with the inordinate influence of the NRA and its minions upon a submissive and thoughtless legislature and governor.  All of our elected officials who were involved in the passage of the campus carry law should be deeply ashamed.  The common good has not, and will not, be served by such a patently stupid piece of legislation.  I would encourage the UT administration to work diligently not only to repeal the legislation in the next session, but also to implement policies in the meantime that most strictly limit the effects of the law on the campus.   UT should be gun free!

Bruce Grube
President Emeritus
Georgia Southern University

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