Graduate Coordinator Network Statement on Campus Carry S.B. 11

We represent the members of the Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN), and we are extremely concerned about the implementation of S.B. 11 at The University of Texas at Austin.  As Graduate Coordinators, we often serve as the first point of contact for graduate students seeking assistance for a variety of academic and non-academic issues.  Graduate students, even more than undergraduates, typically experience a great deal of stress; not only are the academic demands placed on them arduous, they often face financial instability, which not infrequently  impacts their family  relationships.  As a result, we Graduate Coordinators often find ourselves in volatile situations, faced with angry, depressed, and sometimes unstable students. Knowing that these students might be carrying a gun when they enter our offices is not only frightening, but potentially dangerous.  We urge you to include the offices of Graduate Coordinators and other student advisors as part of the “gun-free” zone that will be established on campus.

Thank you for considering our request.  We look forward to working with you in an effort to not only maintain the academic integrity of our campus but to keep it as safe an environment as possible.

Sent on behalf of members of the Graduate Coordinator Network,

Sherry Melecki
2015-2016 Chair
Graduate Coordinator Network

Marilyn Lehman
2015-2016 Chair
GCN Ad hoc Committee Chair (Campus Carry)

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