Department of French and Italian Statement on Campus Carry

The undersigned faculty, emeriti and staff of the Department of French and Italian at The University of Texas at Austin strongly oppose “campus carry” legislation, Senate Bill 11. The presence of firearms in classrooms, dormitories, offices, auditoriums and other campus spaces puts members of the UT community at risk of physical and emotional harm. The possibility of gun violence will inhibit the free exchange of ideas and information that is essential to the mission of an American university. The law is certain to undermine recruitment and retention of outstanding students, faculty, and staff.

Robin Benzrihem
Douglas Biow
David Birdsong
Marc Bizer
Carl S. Blyth
Paola Bonifazio
Gaëlle Bouaziz
Barbara E. Bullock
Daniela Bini Carter
Jean-Pierre Cauvin
Cheney Crow
Antonella Del Fattore-Olson
Irene Eibenstein-Alvisi
Peter Fazziola
Adria Frizzi
Mark Garrison
Catherine Jaroschy
William W. Kibler
François Lagarde
Knud Lambrecht
Jean-Pierre Montreuil
Antonella C. Pease
Heather Pelletier
Hervé G. Picherit
Guy Raffa
Robert V. Reichle
Cinzia Russi
Beatriz Schleppe
Donald Sellstrom
Dina Sherzer
Hélène Tissières
Alexandra K. Wettlaufer
Hal Wylie

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