Forty-three Historians have signed this statement against Campus Carry

Historians study changes in society and human behavior over time, including changes in the law and justifications for those changes. Thus, we, the undersigned faculty members of the Department of History at UT-Austin, feel it is important for us to comment on the implementation of the law allowing Concealed Handgun License holders to bring guns into our classrooms, offices, dormitories and other buildings. In our view, there is no reasonable justification for permitting concealed guns to be taken into campus buildings. Studies that link the drop in crime rates to the rise of gun ownership have been shown to be deeply flawed and to prove that the presence of guns do not make us safer. Our colleagues at Texas A&M have convincingly shown that CHLs have no impact on crime rates. Gun advocates argue that we should trust responsible gun owners to handle their guns safely in our classrooms, but they ignore the fact that the possible presence of guns will undermine our ability to teach. Students and faculty alike have told us that they will not be comfortable discussing controversial subjects if they think there might be a gun in the room.  The Texas Legislature has imposed this law on our university community against the majority’s very explicit opposition to it. For all these reasons, we strenuously object to this law and to the presence of concealed guns in campus buildings.

  1. Robert Abzug, Professor
  2. Daina Berry, Associate Professor
  3. Miriam Bodian, Professor
  4. Benjamin Brower, Associate Professor
  5. Jonathan Brown, Professor
  6. Erika Bsumek,  Associate Professor
  7. Matthew Butler,  Associate Professor
  8. Jorge Canizares, Professor
  9. Ruramisai Charumbira, Assistant Professor
  10. Indrani Chatterjee, Professor
  11. Judith Coffin,  Associate Professor
  12. Susan Deans-Smith,  Associate Professor
  13. Lina del Castillo,  Assistant Professor
  14. Toyin Falola, Professor
  15. George Forgie,  Associate Professor
  16. Seth  Garfield, Professor
  17. Virginia Garrard Burnett, Professor
  18. Laurie Green,  Associate Professor
  19. Sumit Guha,  Professor
  20. Julia Hardwick, Professor
  21. Madeline Y. Hsu,  Associate Professor
  22. Bruce Hunt,  Associate Professor
  23. Jacqueline Jones, Professor and Chair
  24. Mark Lawrence,  Associate Professor
  25. Brian Levack, Professor
  26. Philippa Levine, Professor
  27. Tatjana Lichtenstein, Assistant Professor
  28. Gail Minault, Professor Emeritus
  29. Tracie Matysik, Associate Professor
  30. Joan Neuberger, Professor
  31. Robert Olwell, Associate Professor
  32. Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, Assistant Professor
  33. Megan Raby, Assistant Professor
  34. Penne Restad, Lecturer, History
  35. Megan Seaholm, Senior Lecturer
  36. Michael Stoff, Associate Professor, Chair Plan II
  37. AnnTwinam, Professor
  38. James Vaughn, Assistant Prof
  39. AndrewVillalon, Senior Lecturer
  40. SamVong,  Assistant Professor
  41. Juliet E. K. Walker, Professor
  42. Charters Wynn, Associate Professor
  43. Emilio Zamora, Professor

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