Department of Religious Studies Statement about Concealed Weapons

We, the undersigned members of the Department of Religious Studies, oppose the presence of concealed weapons in our classrooms, offices, and departmental spaces. We are convinced that concealed weapons will have a detrimental effect on the free expression of ideas, and we reject the notion that the presence of concealed weapons in university buildings will make us safer. Scholars of religion study ideas and phenomena that can arouse strong emotions. Our classrooms and offices should be safe environments for discussion and debate and places where we and our students can address controversial topics without the fear of violence that the presence of concealed weapons can elicit.

Joel Brereton
J. Brent Crosson
Alison Frazier
Oliver Freiberger
Steve Friesen
Virginia Garrard-Burnett
Jennifer Graber
JoAnn Hackett
Azfar Moin
Martha Newman
Jonathan Schofer
Chad Seales
John Traphagan
L. Michael White

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