Department of Philosophy Statement on Campus Carry

November 2, 2015

The faculty, staff, and graduate students of the Department of Philosophy, whose names are listed  below, oppose allowing guns in our classrooms, offices, and other campus locations. We believe that the  implementation of Texas Senate Bill 11 makes the campus more dangerous for faculty and students.

J. P. Andrew
Matthias Barker
Ray Buchanan
Caroline Christoff
Jonathan Dancy
Bryce Dalbey
Josh Dever
Sinan Dogramaci
Katherine L. Dunlop
Albert B. Fest
Komal Gilani
Jake Galgon
R. James Hankinson
Kathleen Higgins
Megan Hyksa
Cory Juhl
Hans Kamp
Robert Kane
Charles Krecz
Jeffrey C. Leon
Duane Long
Al Martinich
Michelle Montague
Stephen Phillips
Katherine Piatti
Ian Proops
Thomas B. Saad
Mark Sainsbury
Sahotra Sarkar
Miriam Schoenfield
Henry Schiller
Jason Schucraft
Tara Smith
Bronwyn Stippa
Galen Strawson
Hannah Trees
Keith Eric Turausky
Michael Tye
Nathan Van Wyck
Stephen White
Paul Woodruff
Kimberly M. Dill, graduate  student, signed Nov. 4, 2015

The Office of the General Faculty added Ms. Dill to the list at her request
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