Department of Economics on Campus Carry

The undersigned faculty, staff, and emeriti of the Department of Economics at the University of Texas at  Austin strongly oppose the “campus carry” bill (Senate Bill 11) that is scheduled to go into effect August 1, 2016. We believe that the presence of guns (concealed or otherwise) in classrooms, faculty offices, social spaces, and dormitories is unsafe and will inhibit the free exchange of ideas and viewpoints that is integral to a university. As we aspire to be a first tier public university, we must recognize that this law will damage our ability to recruit and retain the best students and faculty from across Texas, the United States, and the world.

Jason Abrevaya (Professor, Department Chair)
Valerie R. Bencivenga (Senior Lecturer)
V. Bhaskar (Professor)
Saroj Bhattarai (Assistant Professor)
Svetlana Boyarchenko (Associate Professor)
Kevin Carney (Staff)
Harry Cleaver (Emeritus)
Jana Cole (Staff)
Olivier Coibion (Associate Professor)
Stephen Donald (Professor)
Richard Dusansky (Professor)
Mark Feldman (Lecturer)
Katherine Foster (Staff)
Michael Geruso (Assitant Professor)
William Glade (Emeritus)
Andy Glover (Assistant Professor)
Vivian Goldman-Leffler (Staff)
Daniel S. Hamermesh (Emeritus)
Sukjin Han (Assistant Professor)
Wayne Hickenbottom (Senior Lecturer)
Stephanie Houghton (Senior Lecturer)
F. Tomasson Jannuzi (Emeritus)
Matthias Kehrig (Assistant Professor)
David Kendrick (Emeritus)
Leigh L. Linden (Associate Professor)
Erin Lucas (Staff)
Shalah Mostashari (Lecturer)
Richard J. Murphy (Assistant Professor)
Alfred L. Norman (Emeritus)
Gerald Oettinger (Associate Professor)
Beatrix Paal (Lecturer)
Michael Sadler (Senior Lecturer)
Helen Schneider (Lecturer)
Holly Smith (Staff)
Jinane Sounny-Slitine (Staff)
Dale O. Stahl (Professor)
Maxwell B. Stinchcombe (Professor)
Caroline Thomas (Assistant Professor)
Stephen J. Trejo (Professor, Associate Chair)
Brian M. Trinque (Lecturer)
Thomas Wiseman (Associate Professor)
Haiqing Xu (Assistant Professor)

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