Department of Biomedical Engineering Statement on Campus Carry

We, the members of the Department of Biomedical Engineering listed below, state our  strong opposition to concealed weapons on campus. As biomedical engineers we strive to improve human health by training students to bridge engineering and physical sciences with the biological sciences. The free exchange of ideas in the classroom, laboratories, and faculty and staff offices is central to this goal and we feel that the presence of guns on campus will inhibit free speech and open dialog. In addition, almost all Biomedical Engineering laboratories contain flammable and toxic chemicals,
biological agents and other hazards, and the presence of guns in these environments  could pose additional threats. Allowing guns in campus buildings would be detrimental to our ability to educate students and is counter to the mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Aaron Baker
Marcelo Behar
Amy Brock
Brandi DeMont
Kenneth R. Diller
Andrew Dunn
George Georgiou
Jenny Jiang
Hyun Jung Kim
Steve Marek
Mia K. Markey
Nicholas A Peppas
Pengyu Ren
Michael Sacks
Jeanne C. Stachowiak
Laura Suggs
James Tunnell
Chong Xie
Tim Yeh
Janet Zoldan

Sophia Bixby
Margo Cousins
Carrie Cunningham
Bobby Knight
Mindy Maloney
Valerie Nies
Jim Pollard
Brittain Sobey
Stephanie Tomlinson

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