College of Pharmacy opposition to Campus Carry

Statement on Campus Carry
October 30, 2015

We, the faculty of the College of Pharmacy, state our strong opposition to concealed guns in University of Texas at Austin classrooms, laboratories, offices, and social spaces. Through teaching and research endeavors, our goal is to improve the health outcomes and quality of life of the people we serve, most notably the culturally diverse population of Texas. In accomplishing this goal, our ability to deliver the curriculum, and to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty, staff and students, will be negatively impacted by the SB11 law allowing concealed weapons in campus buildings. Our mission is to improve public health and welfare, and gun violence, an established threat to public health, is counter to the mission of the College of Pharmacy.

Jamie Barner
Nile Barnes
Carolyn Brown
Donna Burkett
Kevin Dalby
Patrick Davis
Bryson Duhon
Christine Duvauchelle
Kentya Ford
Debadyuti (Rana) Ghosh
Rueben Gonzales
Andrea Gore
Lucas Hill
Dawit Kidane-Mulat
Seongmin Lee
Hung-wen (Ben) Liu
Michela Marinelli
Igor Ponomarev
Nathan Pope
Stephen Saklad
Carla VanDenBerg
Karen Vasquez
Guliang (Graham) Wang
Alan Watts
Christian Whitman
James Wilson

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