Department of Classics Statement on Campus Carry

Normalizing the presence of guns normalizes their use. For this reason among many others the following faculty and staff of the Department of Classics are opposed to ‘campus carry’.
David Armstrong
Deborah Beck
Joe Carter
Cristina Carusi
Beth Chichester
Todd Curtis
Lesley Dean-Jones
Jen Ebbeler
Ingrid Edlund-Berry
Michael Gagarin
Karl Galinsky
Joann Gulizio
Jim Hankinson
Bill Nethercut
Vanessa Noya
Tom Palaima
James Patterson
Paula Perlman
Kevin Pluta
Adam Rabinowitz
Andrew Riggsby
Cynthia Shelmerdine
Susan Somers
Rabun Taylor
Khoa Tran
Alex Walthall
Paul Woodruff
Steve White

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