Chemical Engineering Faculty and Staff Statement

The below-signed Chemical Engineering faculty, emeriti, and staff at The University of Texas at Austin oppose Senate Bill 11. We believe that guns in classrooms, laboratories, faculty/advising offices, and collaboration spaces would be unsafe and stifle the free exchange of ideas central to a world-class university. They may also pose threats in teaching and research laboratories where flammable and toxic chemicals are used, and thus their presence in these and adjacent
environments would be in opposition to our core educational mission regarding chemical process and laboratory safety. This is critical because engineers are educated and ethically bound to hold
paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. We also fear that Senate Bill 11 may damage our ability to recruit and retain the most capable students, faculty, and staff.

Hal Alper
Roger Bonnecaze
James Chelikowsky
Lydia Contreras
Brian Dinsmoor
Ricardo Dunia
Thomas Edgar
John Ekerdt
Christopher Ellison
Benny Freeman
Venkat Ganesan
George Georgiou
Adam Heller
Keith Johnston
Benjamin Keitz
Brian Korgel
Marsha Lewis
Nathaniel Lynd
Chris Mack
Jennifer Maynard
Delia Milliron
Charles Mullins
Donald Paul
Nicholas Peppas
D’Arcy Randall
Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz
Juan Ruiz
Isaac Sanchez
Mukul Sharma
Steve Swinnea
Thomas Truskett
Grant Willson
Faculty Emeritus
Douglas Lloyd
James Stice
Eugene Wissler

Kate Baird
Jason Barborka
Carrie Brown
Dyann Confer
Maeve Cooney
Karen Eikner
Kevin Haynes
Tammy McDade
Shallaco McDonald
Kelly McQueary
Marisa Meier
Elizabeth Miller
Jonathan Peck
Kristine Poland
Randy Rife
Jim Smitherman

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