The Center for Women’s & Gender Studies

As supporters of the mission of The Center for Women’s & Gender Studies, we are fully aware of the sensitive and often controversial nature of the topics with which we engage on a daily basis. The possibility that an armed student (licensed or not) might be present in the classroom or in our Center will necessarily limit the topics we discuss and our willingness to engage students in controversial discussions.

We try to create a ‘safe space’ for students to speak about sensitive issues in their classrooms, in our offices and when they engage with our staff and with one another.  Guns can never, even in the hands of licensed carriers, promote or preserve that space. They can only carry threats of violence and intimidation.   Susan S. Heinzelman
Lynn R. Wilkinson
Juliet A. Hooker
Patricia A. Somers
Patricia J. Heisler
Rebecca S. Bigler
Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba
Judith G. Coffin
Janet Staiger
Sharmila Rudrappa
Paola Bonifazio
Charlotte M. Canning
Caroline Faria
Christine L. Williams
Faegheh S. Shirazi
Chad Bennett
Jennifer Glass
Kelly Raley
Jennifer A. Maynard
Sonia T. Seeman
Alexandra K. Wettlaufer
Marc Bizer
Julie Minich
Kelly McDonough
Elizabeth Cullingford
Barbara Harlow
Pascale R. Bos
Judith G. Coffin
Ruramisai Charumbira
Jill A. Marshall
Douglas Biow
Jo Lynn Westbrook
Heather Houser
Cristine H. Legare
Kamran S. Aghaie
Martha A. Selby
Aaron Rochlen
Keffrelyn D. Brown
Martha G. Newman
Eric S. Mallin
Rebecca M. Torres
Lisa L. Moore
Zipporah B. Wiseman
Mary Beltrán
Kit Belgum
Martha F. Hilley
Karin G. Wilkins
Peter Rehberg
Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
Shardha Jogee
Adria Frizzi
Kathleen C. Stewart
Kevin Thomas
Lisa B. Thompson
Sofian Merabet
Joao Vargas
Susan E. Mickey
Kristen Hogan
Karen A. Pagani
Sabine Hake
Andrew Dell’Antonio
Rocío D. Villalobos
Tina M. Curran
Marilyn Armour
Christen Smith
Phillip J. Barrish
Gretchen Murphy
William B. Swann, Jr.
Barbara L. Jones
Naomi E. Lindstrom
Emily Amanatullah
Judith A. Jellison
Elaine Rich
Geraldine Heng
Ann Cvetkovich
Yolanda C. Padilla
Hannah C. Wojciehowski
Bea Ann Smith
Mia Carter
Kathleen M. Higgins
Marilla D. Svinicki
Helene Tissieres
Patricia S. Kruppa
Julie Hardwick
Megan Alrutz
Ying Xu
Lesley Dean-Jones
Kamran A. Ali
Dina M. Sherzer
Philippa J. Levine
Laura G. Gutiérrez
Donna DeCesare
Sara Skimball
Carol MacKay
Anita L. Vangelisti
Kathleen Tyner
Ellen Spiro
Joan H. Neuberger
Tasha Beretvas
Joanne Richards
David Quinto-Pozos
Vijaya Ramachandran
Julia L. Mickenberg
Megan Seaholm
Alissa Sherry
Denise A. Spellberg
Mounira Maya Charrad
Loriene Roy
Janice S. Todd
Catherine Cubbin
Janet M. Davis
Eric Tang
Jessica D. Cance
Hina Azam
Alison K. Frazier
Ben Carrington
Erika M. Bsumek
Helena Woodard
Natasha Tinsley
Pauline T. Strong
Ana Ixchel Rosal and The Gender and Sexuality Center
Shannon Speed
Michele A. Rountree
Penny Green
Laurie B. Green
Betty S. Flowers
Daina R. Berry
Mercedes L. de Uriarte
Michael C. Hillmann
Helena Woodard
Linda Ferreira-Buckley
Elizabeth Scala
Victoria E. Rodriguez
Jacqueline Henkel

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