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Guns in Classrooms: Report from the Trenches

 The National Movement for Guns in Classrooms

  • The trenches of the national battle over gun control are now in UT-Austin. But a wide coalition is needed to counter the growing national movement  for “guns in classrooms,” including an alliance of flagship state universities. U-Kansas Lawrence, U-Florida Gainesville, and U-Wisconsin Madison should not wait (as we did in UT-Austin) to build state-wide firewalls. Apathy will lead to regret. Organize Now!
  • Classroom-carry is already  a reality in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, and will soon take effect in Texas. Similar legislation might soon spread to Wisconsin, and Florida. Oregon, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin already allow concealed carry but give each school some discretion to set limits.
  • Supporters of campus carry rely on several  assertions–all of which sound reasonable, but all of which are misleading or false.

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