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Rally to Resist! Rally to Repeal!

Sun_Orange_Square_Better_GWednesday, August 24
12 PM – 1 PM
West Mall UT Austin
Austin, Texas 78712

It’s the law, but we don’t have to like it.  Let’s show that we’re not going away.  Wear Orange, Speak Out! Let’s Make it Clear: Loaded Guns on Campus is NOT NORMAL.

Elliott Naishtat, State Representative
Kathie Tovo,  Austin City Councilmember
Gina Hinojosa, Democratic candidate for State Representative
Nicole Golden, Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Jessica Jin, UT graduate and founder of Cocks not Glocks
Ana Lopez, Plan II Honors Student, founder and Vice President of Students Against Campus Carry
Bryan Jones, Professor, Department of Government
Kailey Moore, UT Student
Rebecca Johnston, PhD Student in History
Jorge Canizares, Professor, Department of History
Steve Friesen, Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Susan Schorn,  Writing Coordinator in College of Undergraduate Studies
Lisa Moore, Professor, Department of English

Gun-Free UT Peace & Wellness Workshops on Wednesdays

On  August 1st and Wednesdays starting August 31,  please join us in practicing peaceful skills for reducing violence.  Gun-Free UT is offering a weekly workshop to promote a culture of self-care and personal safety on our newly weaponized campus.

Every Wednesday during the fall semester
Noon- 1 PM
Parlin 201

This week’s leaders:

Wednesday September 7th
12:00-1:00 p.m. in Parlin 201 (208 W. 21st Street)

byTracy Firsching, Yoga Yoga teacher

Personal Safety
by Susan (George) Schorn, Undergraduate Studies, Sun Dragon Martial Arts Instructor

by Lisa Moore, English, Women’s and Gender Studies, Gun-Free UT

Past sessions

Wednesday, August 31st
* Meditation by Matt Dieterich, School of Social Work, Dharma Yoga teacher
* Personal Safety by Susan (George) Schorn,  and Summer Cacciotti
* Discussion by Lisa Moore

Monday, August 1, 2016
* Meditation, led by Tracy Firsching
* Personal safety skills session,
led by Barbara Jones and George Schorn
* Conversation and strategy sharing, led by Lisa Moore

Surgeon General Dr. Murthy meets with Gun-Free UT

Members of Gun-Free UT were treated to a private meet-and-greet with Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General and all-around smart, nice guy. He, in turn, was treated to his-and-hers Gun-Free UT t-shirts!

During Dr. Murthy’s talk an undergraduate asked if campus carry was a public health concern.   His answer:   ” My concern about this is when we push laws without fully understanding the public health impact they will have. You might ask ‘well, how should we know?’  Well, ideally this is the kind of thing we should invest research dollars in.”

Photo Credit: Matt Valentine


February 26 — Longhorn Cattle Call, Q & A with candidates on Campus Carry

Longhorn Cattle Call: Longhorns rounding up all candidates and elected officials for Q&A on SB11 and Classroom Carry

Friday February 26,  2PM
Details coming soon

Facebook Event

Graduate Students Against Classroom Carry and the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Graduate Student Assembly have come together once again to continue the fight against #SB11 and #ClassroomCarry. We are now pivoting from our focus on President Fenves to the Texas State Legislators who have imposed this law on a community that is entirely opposed to it.

Gun-Free UT Teach-in

Let’s start the new semester by continuing the conversation on Campus Carry with a Teach-In!

WHEN:   Friday, January 22, 2-5 pm
WHERE:  Glickman Conference Center, CLA 1.302B

Download printable flyer

Confirmed speakers include:

Matt Valentine, Plan II coordinator and contributor tor The Atlantic and other publications

Cole Hutchison, Associate Professor of English and member of the Campus Carry Working Group

Becky Bigler, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Child Research Lab

Matt Richardson, Associate Professor of English and African and African Diaspora Studies

Danielle Vabner, student

Yasmiyn Irizarry, Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies

George Schorn, author of Smile at Strangers and expert on women’s self-defense

Kate Catterall, Associate Professor of Design and teacher of a course on Campus Carry and design

Kevin Foster, Associate Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies


2:00-2:15   Opening Remarks and Introductions:   Ann Cvetkovich with Matt Richardson
2:15-3:30  What We Need to Know About Gun Culture:  Becky Bigler, Matt Valentine, Cole Hutchison, Yasmiyn Irizarry
3:30-3:40  Break
3:40-3:45  Introductions:  Lisa Moore with Danielle Vabner
3:45-4:45 What We Can Do About Gun Culture:  George Schorn, Kate Catterall, Kevin Foster
4:45-5:15  General Discussion

What is Campus Carry?
Do you have questions about the law?
How will campus carry affect you and your friends?
Will guns make you safer or less safe?
How can you defend yourself without guns?

March for Gun-Free Campuses, January 8

MLA v.2


DATE: Friday, January 8, 2016
PLACE:  1:30pm Gather in Griffin Hall on the 2nd floor of the JW Marriott, 110 E. 2nd Street
1:45pm March from JW Marriott to Capitol Steps South
3:00pm Book Building and Rally on Capitol Steps South

PURPOSE: Send a message to the Texas State Legislature and UT Administration: Keep guns out of our campuses. All who oppose the carrying of guns in campus buildings are  welcome.

Facebook Event Page
Download Flyer
Contact the organizers

Support Gun Free UT! Buy a T-Shirt to Wear To the March!


In June 2015, the Texas state legislature passed Senate Bill 11, which threatens to force public colleges and universities in Texas to allow concealed handguns in campus buildings. The UT Campus Carry Working Group, which was charged with making policy recommendations to UT-Austin President Fenves, has concluded that under S. B. 11, UT must allow concealed handguns in the classroom. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has publicized his opinion that under S. B. 11 it will be illegal to ban handguns from student dorms.

Texas colleges and universities overwhelmingly oppose this law. Private colleges and universities are allowed to ‘opt out’ of S.B. 11, and most have. Over 1500 UT faculty and over 1800 UT graduate students have signed petitions against allowing guns in classrooms. UT’s Campus Carry Working Group state in their own report that not one of their members thinks guns should be allowed in college classrooms.

Nationwide, academic institutions and organizations agree. On November 30, the Modern Language Association (MLA)–the primary professional organization for American college and university faculty who teach modern languages & literatures–joined 28 other American scholarly societies in a public statement opposing campus carry laws on the grounds that they pose a threat to freedom of expression and to campus safety.

The Modern Language Association holds its annual convention in Austin from January 7-10, 2016. Gun-Free UT, with the co-sponsorship of the MLA, has organized the March Against Gun-Free Campuses in conjunction with the convention. Before UT-Austin President Fenves acts on the Campus Carry Working Group’s recommendations, and before S. B. 11 takes effect on August 1, 2016, we invite all MLA convention attendees, all those who work and study in Texas’s colleges and universities, and all concerned citizens to come together to defend the public’s right to a gun-free university.


All who believe that guns do not belong on college and university campuses are welcome to participate in the March for Gun-Free Campuses. You need not be affiliated with a university or a member of MLA.

Participants will gather at 1:30pm on Friday, January 8, 2016 in Griffin Hall on the second floor of the JW Marriott (110 E. 2nd street, Austin TX), where the president of the Modern Language Association, Professor Roland Greene of Stanford University, will speak about campus carry from a national perspective. At 1:45, we will leave the Marriott and parade down Congress Avenue carrying books. When we reach the Capitol steps, we will use these books to build a symbolic gun exclusion zone. If you have a spare book that you would like to use to build the zone, please bring it with you. Make sure it is a book you can afford to lose. Given our limited time at the Capitol, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reunite all the books used to build the Zone with their individual owners.

From inside the zone, speakers will read from texts that they have discussed in a classroom, and speak about why these texts must be taught in a gun-free environment.


Click this link to pre-order a Gun-Free UT T-shirt, which can be picked up at Griffin Hall prior to the march. “No Campus Carry” buttons will be available for free at the MLA convention and in Griffin Hall. We invite participants in the March for Gun-Free Campuses to wear orange (the color adopted by Everytown For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Gun Sense in America), or one of the orange armbands available in Griffin Hall.

If you would like to get involved with the march, or if you have questions about it, please contact the organizers at .

Dec. 13 — Austin Wear Orange Walk – Newtown Remembrance

December 13, 2015
3 PM
Texas State Capitol South Steps

Join supporters of Moms Demand Action, Texas Gun Sense, and Gun-Free UT for a Wear Orange Walk. We will walk from the South Steps of the Capitol down Congress to commemorate the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and honor all victims and survivors of gun violence. Speeches by local gun violence survivors and community leaders to follow.

Together, we acknowledge that one of the best ways we can honor the victims and survivors of gun violence is to keep moving forward, keep making progress, keep being visible, and never give up.

Don’t forget to wear orange – the color of the gun violence prevention movement!

Everytown Event page
Facebook Event page