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The Arguments Used by Campus Carry Supporters are Wrong

1.  Campus Carry won’t have much impact because CHL holders must be over 21 and few such students live on campus. WRONG:

  • Over 5000 people within a 5 mile radius of UT-Austin’s campus have CHLs.
  • Tens of thousands of visitors come to UT every semester. 
  • The UT community is not just undergraduates, but also includes graduate students, faculty, administrators and staff–most of whom are over 21.
  • Texas recognizes licenses from other states, some of which have minimum ages of 18 or 19. Those licensed carriers are supposed to obey Texas law (including age restrictions) while in Texas, but many have had no training whatsoever and do not know Texas law. Alabama, for example, issues concealed carry licenses to people as young as 18, and has no training requirement at all.
  • There are classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and other public spaces in some UT dorms, such as Jester and Carothers, where non-residents can come and go during business hours.

2.  Campus Carry will allow people to protect themselves from criminals. WRONG:

3. Gun Free zones attract criminals with guns. WRONG:

4.  Good Guys with guns can stop Bad Guys with guns. WRONG:

5.  Women with guns can better protect themselves against sexual violence. WRONG:

  • A study of FBI and Clery Act data shows that sexual violence has not decreased on campuses where Concealed Carry has been implemented.
  • Most campus sexual assault occurs between acquaintances, where the victim would be unlikely to use a gun.

6.  Trust CHL holders: they are law-abiding citizens. 

  • Conviction rates are unreliable, because negligent shootings by presumptive “good guys” often go unprosecuted.

SB11 directs college presidents to determine a “reasonable” policy for where guns are allowed.   We call upon UT President Fenves to declare all campus buildings off limits to guns, and we call upon the legislature to respect that decision.


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Photo:  “Main Building at The University of Texas at Austin“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.